19 january - 6 february 2017
4 - 15 march 2017
160 km


Karon - 01.02.2107

km 3751

I didn't add a single kilometer to my odometer since mid-January... But it’s ‘vacation-time'.

I am currently in Thailand. My family is visiting and we are doing all the touristy things. This includes massages, pedicures, manicures, cocktails by the pool, taxi rides to attractions, hiring mopeds to go into the mountains, an endless breakfast buffet, made to measure clothes, ok still renting a bike to see the temples, swimming in the warm azure ocean, lobster dinner, shopping,...

I let it all wash over me and on February 6th, I will continue my own tour. Then I fly to Mandalay in Myanmar where I can cycle for 4 weeks.

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